September 11 - 15 2017


- Easy daily challenges via email -  

- A killer online support group for women -  

- Chances to win daily prizes -


I feel like I was given little tools during the challenge that made a big difference! I feel lighter, happier and more energetic. I also feel more positive about myself.
— A.G.

Life gets hella busy sometimes.  

Between working at your day job and pouring over your passion project, while simultaneously trying to eat something healthy-ish and maintaining some sort of social life and maybe getting a few hours of sleep at night before waking up and doing all of it all fucking over again....

Shit. Gets. Crazy. 

Take a deep breath girl, and take a quick moment for yourself.  Because really, that's the only way to keep this powerhouse (I'm talking about your fine ass self) going.



The 5-Day Self-Care Challenge is your chance for 5 days of small, easy moments for yourself so you can feel calm, focused, and full of energy.  And it's totally designed to be super easy to fit into your busy schedule.


Plus, you can win some killer prizes along the way.

The challenge helped me be more self-aware and less uptight about what I “should” do.
— R.M.

Here's How this works:


Daily challenges via email

At 8pm EST each night, you'll get an email with the following day's challenge.  So Sunday night, you'll get Monday's challenge.  Monday night, you'll get Tuesday's challenge.  Etc.  This could be anything from drinking more water to trying some movement to journaling exercises.

A sweet support group For women

All of the discussion, ideas, and resources for the 5-Day Self-Care Challenge will be going down in my free Facebook support group: Radical Self-Care for Badass Babes.  This is your spot to post daily successes, observations, and get support and advice from myself and other babes doing the Challenge.

Post your photos to win some sick prizes

I wanna see you girl!

So if you post a photo of yourself completing the days challenge with the hashtags #5dayselfcarechallenge AND you tag my social accounts, you'll be entered to win daily health and wellness prizes (details to follow in registration email).


Plus, you'll be entered to win a sweet grand prize

TBA in September

I had a much healthier week, physically and mentally, than the week before!
— R.B.
After the 5 Day Self-Care Challenge I felt more rested, and had a more positive outlook on life.
— J.P.
The challenge taught me how to handle the crazy of my week a little easier just by taking a few minutes out for myself each day. The emails straight to my inbox were great! It was an easy and quick way to access the Challenge when I’m on the go.
— J. W.
After the 5 Day Self-Care Challenge I felt very calm and level-headed. I loved having the support of a whole group of women right there with me!
— A.V.

You deserve to feel your damn best


The free 5-Day Self-Care Challenge will start september 11th